How Games Have Worked for 30 Years to Do Less Work  @simondev758
How Games Have Worked for 30 Years to Do Less Work  @simondev758
SimonDev | How Games Have Worked for 30 Years to Do Less Work @simondev758 | Uploaded 5 months ago | Updated March 14 2024
We explore the evolution of culling and visibility determination in video games, building on work started over 30 years ago, and evolving with every generation of hardware.

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In this video, I implement some of the various visibility techniques used by AAA games like Just Cause 2, Battlefield, and Splinter Cell, and others. We walk through the history of GDC presentations, and see how the techniques have evolved to what's considered state of the art today.

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How Games Have Worked for 30 Years to Do Less Work @simondev758