Saints Row Reboot: Not A Review  @HouseHexagon
Saints Row Reboot: Not A Review  @HouseHexagon
House Hexagon | Saints Row Reboot: Not A Review @HouseHexagon | Uploaded 1 year ago | Updated February 16 2024
Saints Row Reboot has finally been released. Sadly.

I know many of you are no doubt expecting me to review it, just as I have the other games. But let me ask you a question: am I a hypocrite? I said I was not going to buy the game- and I meant it. No one should buy games with disrespectful developers, who ignore their fans requests.

No. Instead, I shall break down the cycle of why most triple AAA video games released today are absolutely garbage, and give you some pointers in how you can contribute to raising the bar.

But the truth is, you'll never understand why the gaming industry is in the pitiful state that it's in, unless you delve back into reality.

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Saints Row Reboot: Not A Review @HouseHexagon