Hello World - Welcome to Cyberspace & Time - Featuring The 2020 Operating System Live Beta

This here is the home page of the 2020os project. I've listened to the guests, and there apprears to be some confusion. In response to that, I'm purposing this page to epxlain a few things. Otherwise, click here to enter the 2020 Operating System right now.
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Frequently asked question about this website.

  1. What is this website?
  2. Did I go back in time? How old is this site?
  3. I just stumbled upon this, is it popular?
  4. How do I perform a search query?
  5. Why is my Youtube video accessible from here?
  6. Who is the webmaster of the website?
  7. What's going on with the mobile version?

Featured features.

  1. Web Portal & Video Embeds
  2. Context & Program Menus
  3. Chat Rooms & Message Syntax
  4. File Folders & Your Home Computer
  5. Site Identity & Settings
  6. Game Console & Games
  7. Custom Links & Address-space


  1. 1) Custom Built Programming Editor, Language & Web Server
  2. A simple project to showcase the easy to understand language in the editor. An extrmely dynamic menu system of the editor with the server console screen shown. I made a few documentation videos a couple years ago
  3. 2) Website & Server Performance
  4. I think this speaks for itself. Look at this, faster than 100%. It is a different project, but still, it's of the chat server.
  5. 3) Webmaster Photos
  6. This is me doing some programming ~ 2011 Me, Myself and I That's the computer that hosts this website. My setup is basically the same to this day.
  7. 4) Google Search Console - Performance 12 months
  8. 5) Search & Video Surfing
  9. The large arrows point to where you can perform search queries.
  10. 6) Search Engine Optimization & Google Indexing Examples
  11. This is the indexing results from a typical week with Google. Typing and a search term will also allow you to find things.
  12. 7) Game Console, Games & Leaderboards
  13. 💣Defuser : Matt is current champ 🔒Padlock : Tolozen is current champ

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